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Korean Letter Tang Soo Do

We offer physical fitness, balance, focus, self-help and self-defense using several traditional and proven styles of Martial Arts to meet today's need for self-protection and positive personal growth.

We incorporate aspects of several styles, such as Tang Soo Do, American Karate, Kempo Karate, Hapkido and T'ai Chi Ch'uan, because studying one style limits your options to draw upon when you need to defend yourself.

What self-defense techniques are offered at WEMA?

  •   Tang Soo Do: utilizes explosive hand and foot techniques and helps develop flexibility.

  •   American Karate: makes use of different hand techniques to help develop speed.

  •   Kempo Karate: uses various techniques to help you learn to adapt to multiple attackers.

  •   Hapkido: teaches how to protect yourself using the attackers own force against them. Study the science of pressure points and ground fighting.

  •   T'ai Chi Ch'uan: offers breathing techniques, relaxation, balance and meditation through movement. Breathing techniques, practiced regularly allow one to strengthen the respiratory system, increase the lung's capacity to take in more oxygen, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation throughout the entire body.

    It is important to maintain good health as well as learning to defend yourself. Our program will help you build overall body strength and flexibility through a series of exercise and forms. Training and practice builds stamina and endurance. Learning to stay motivated is equally important as strength and stamina.

    Our philosophy is to teach traditional martial arts and to train you in positive thinking. Learning to live in balance on a daily bases is a key element in our goals. Having a successful attitude is very important!

  • Our Goals

  1. Learn how to effectively deal with stress, anger, and fear

  2. Learn how to focus on the present and live in the moment

  3. Learn how to respect yourself, others and the land

  4. Helping others and not just ourselves

  5. Self-discipline, self-defense, self-reflection and self-improvement

  6. Teamwork and community spirit

  7. Improved health, increased strength, flexibility and energy

  8. Introduce Meditation and develop training in this


What White Eagle Martial Arts Training teaches you

  •   Peace and tranquility

  •   An indomitable spirit

  •   Stamina and energy

  •   Improved concentration

  •   Strength of character

  •   Highly conditioned reflexes

  •   A powerful self-defense system

  •   Physical fitness

  •   Confidence, patience, determination and discipline

How does White Eagle Martial Arts differ from other schools?

  1. WEMA philosophy regarding belt promotion is unique. We do not adhere to the idea of pushing people through a belt system just to please the sense of promotion. WEMA focuses more on the person rather than the belt and does not promote a student unless they are ready. The instructors at WEMA want to make sure you receive the instruction you need so that you can move to the next level.

  2. We promote independence and confidence in each of our students.

  3. We teach Martial Arts as a way of life.

  4. When we teach a technique, we teach the ‘essence’ of the technique.

  5. We teach respect for ourselves and to our land.


Benefits from training at White Eagle Martial Arts

Self-defense: In today's world where violence seems to be escalating and is unpredictable, there is no doubt that there is a need for defensive skills. We must be able to protect our lives, our family and our possessions safely and with knowledge.

Health: Equally important is the physical fitness aspect of training and the methods used for the release of daily tension and stress. We promote physical and spiritual health through physical conditioning and serious training.

Become a stronger person: We strive to be of better character through endurance and hard work. We focus on the development of mental concentration. The use of meditation and breathing exercises helps you to think positively and helps you focus your thoughts clearly throughout the day.

Most people do not want to commit to the thought of ‘hard work’ to make themselves become better and stronger. Laziness has become the easiest answer and an accepted solution.