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Tai Chi is an art form, like all arts it requires time, patience and a certain level of discipline in order to perfect it. It is a shining pearl amongst the many systems available throughout our world today. Perseverance is the greatest quality required to achieve success in the pursuit of excellence. Success comes one step at a time.

The ancient art of Tai Chi will give you a total body workout without experiencing the after effects usually associated with intense physical exercise.
The soft slow movements of Tai Chi help to release tension, therefore reducing the effects of stress on your body.


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Health improvements can be experienced because the energy used to maintain the stressed condition is released and becomes freely available to allow the body to heal and rebalance.

Research has shown that if Tai Chi is practiced for as little as 10 minutes a day it can bring great rewards. Many articles have been released by several health agencies about the therapeutic effects of Tai Chi .


The learning process and practice of Tai Chi is a perfect metaphor for life, "you get out of it, what you put into it and sometimes things turn out great and other times not so great". This is the reality we must be aware of during any learning process.

You will experience your full range of emotions, joy and anger, happy and sad, feelings of success and failure, achievement and frustration, as you try to rediscover the natural rhythm of your body. This happens because you start to ask your mind to think and your body to move in a totally different way.
When you first start to practice Tai Chi, the body misunderstands the confused messages of the mind, however, as you become more experienced your mind and body align.

The Yin/Yang symbol represents opposing forces in a state of balance creating harmony.

A mind and body in conflict creates confusion which leads to frustration.
We all have natural talent and abilities, we just need to reawaken them. 
What is lost can be found providing you know in which direction to seek
and this is the focus of Tai Chi . Retread the path of life and awaken to your true potential and in doing so you will know that "you" have the ability
to destroy the illusion of mental and physical conflict which creates an image of limitation.

Tai Chi is a truly spiritual experience because "you" and you alone create the change to make it happen.

If you have heard of Tai Chi you will know it is a relaxing form of gentle exercise practiced by tens of thousands of people throughout the world.
It is not restricted by age or physical ability, because there are many practitioners in their 70's and 80's who teach and continue their own studies of this unique and wonderful art.

Tai Chi promotes natural posture by aligning the head, spine and pelvic girdle which distributes the weight correctly into both legs. The series of slow rhythmic movements gently massage the internal organs as one moves through the Tai Chi form.

Tai Chi is regarded as a complete martial art, however it is taught in many different ways. The way you are taught Tai Chi will determine how you perceive it and integrate it into daily life.

You could use Tai Chi as any of the following:

  • Health and Relaxation.

  • Moving Meditation.

  • Dance and Exercise

  • Coordination and Postural Integrity.

  • Self Defense.

  • Martial Art.

  • Spiritual Discipline

All of these definitions of Tai Chi are correct, the end result depends upon your personal requirements. You can achieve any one or all of them, its your choice.

What Tai Chi is not

  • Tai Chi is not an instant cure or a quick fix for health problems.

  • It is not a ten week fitness or self defense program.

  • It is not a religion, a cult or a sect.