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Korean Letter Tang Soo Do

We offer physical fitness, balance, focus, self-help and self-defense using several traditional and proven styles of Martial Arts to meet today's need for self-protection and positive personal growth.

We incorporate aspects of several styles, such as Tang Soo Do, American Karate, Kempo Karate, Hapkido and T'ai Chi Ch'uan, because studying one style limits your options to draw upon when you need to defend yourself.

What self-defense techniques are offered at WEMA?

  •   Tang Soo Do: utilizes explosive hand and foot techniques and helps develop flexibility.

  •   American Karate: makes use of different hand techniques to help develop speed.

  •   Kempo Karate: uses various techniques to help you learn to adapt to multiple attackers.

  •   Hapkido: teaches how to protect yourself using the attackers own force against them. Study the science of pressure points and ground fighting.

  •   T'ai Chi Ch'uan: offers breathing techniques, relaxation, balance and meditation through movement. Breathing techniques, practiced regularly allow one to strengthen the respiratory system, increase the lung's capacity to take in more oxygen, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation throughout the entire body.

    It is important to maintain good health as well as learning to defend yourself. Our program will help you build overall body strength and flexibility through a series of exercise and forms. Training and practice builds stamina and endurance. Learning to stay motivated is equally important as strength and stamina.

    Our philosophy is to teach traditional martial arts and to train you in positive thinking. Learning to live in balance on a daily bases is a key element in our goals. Having a successful attitude is very important!

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Tai Chi is an art form, like all arts it requires time, patience and a certain level of discipline in order to perfect it. It is a shining pearl amongst the many systems available throughout our world today. Perseverance is the greatest quality required to achieve success in the pursuit of excellence. Success comes one step at a time.

The ancient art of Tai Chi will give you a total body workout without experiencing the after effects usually associated with intense physical exercise.
The soft slow movements of Tai Chi help to release tension, therefore reducing the effects of stress on your body.