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Welcome to White Eagle Martial Arts

The founder of the White Eagle style, Master Ray, using his extensive martial arts background has combined various styles into one solid system. He believes that Martial Arts is not just one style but a selection of many techniques to meet today's need for self-protection and positive personal growth

Tang Soo Do is listed as one of our primary styles, it's actually a unique blend of Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, and other Martial Arts. 

Master Ray also includes some traits from American Indians, hence the name White Eagle.  Our teachings are a "whole person philosophy", respecting one's self, others and natural.


There are only two different age groups, our Little Eagle 4 - 6, and primary classes.  Adults and youth train together.   Often son/father, daughter/mother, granddaughter/grandmother training together.  (Listed the youth first because we  see the young ones start and persuade Mom or Dad to join.)

Have a physical challenge? Our style/system is able to adapt meeting the need.  We understand that everyone is unique and not all bodies are in the same condition.

We more than a "Karate" School.  Joining us is becoming part of the family.  We train hard and include some time for play.  Our play time activities picnics, holiday parties, camping, bowling, rock climbing and movie nights. 


Pace Et Bello Paratus

"In Peace and War Prepared"

The root of all training!